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Spring 2016 copy

A traditional hand composing room and printing office with proofing presses, treadle platen presses & an 1863 Albion.

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n i c k g r a p h i c @ y a h o o . c o . u k

 An interesting Debate

“Deep Impression – Kiss Impression”

l i n k   b e l o w


Cleeve Press is a member of the Oxford Guild of Printers

Oxford  Guild  of  Printers


M e m b e r s   w e b   s i t e

Leicestershire “Selected Artist” see web site

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A few samples of what can be achieved during a Cleeve Press Letterpress Experience Day

22nd March 2014, what we did on the day

Hard working students

Heads down and working hard!!

Will Morris

Lino cut & woodletters


Two colour lino cut and metal type/woodletters


Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 14.58.20

states of independence 2014

Cleeve Press demonstrated letterpress & discerning visitors made prints on the day

I N D E P E N D E N T   P R E S S   D A Y

Clephan Building, De Montfort University, Oxford Street, Leicester LE1 5XY

Thank you to all who called at the Cleeve Press Stand!!

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I t e m s    o f    o u r    w o r k   a r e   s t o c k e d   a t

Five Leaves Book Shop   14A  Long Row,  Nottingham   NG1 2DH

Much Ado Books   8 West Street, Alfresco, East Sussex BN26  5UX

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Explore the Images Gallery of Graphic Work

Image Gallery

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E x a m p l e s   o f  e x i s t i n g   p r o j e c t s


Small poster printed letterpress in three colours

A range of hand made cards printed by Letterpress on quality card and supplied with envelopes

A new range of cards are illustrated on

Hand-Crafted Letterpress

Lino cut in three colours on rice paper, mounted on hand folded cards.

N e w e r    i t e m s    h a v e    b e e n    p o s t e d ! !

……………………………..  §  …………………………….

The hand printed examples are for sale at exhibitions and by request

please e-mail for prices and availability to

n i c k g r a p h i c @ y a h o o . c o . u k

Treadle operated clam shell platen press in working order.  Platen size 15 x 24 cm.
E.A. Braddick Ltd. Printers & Electrical Engineers.Gough Square London

 A   P r i v a t e   P r e s s

e – m a i l :     n i c k g r a p h i c @ y a h o o . c o . u k

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