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Spring 2016 copy

 A traditional hand composing room and printing office with proofing presses, treadle platen presses & an 1863 cast iron Albion flat bed press.

Nicholas Birchall has extensive experience in one to one Tuition in Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Letterpress.

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 n i c k g r a p h i c @ y a h o o . c o . u k

Cleeve Press Letterpress Experience Day

University of Leicester Botanic Garden

S a t u r d a y    6th   M a y   2 0 1 7

We had a great creative day Saturday 11th March 



f o r    d e t a i ls    e  –  m a i l :     n i c k g r a p h i c @ y a h o o . c o . u kScreen Shot 2013-08-01 at 14.58.20



Just A Card Thunderclap

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 An interesting Debate

“Deep Impression – Kiss Impression”

l i n k   b e l o w


Cleeve Press is a member of the Oxford Guild of Printers

Oxford  Guild  of  Printers

M e m b e r s   w e b   s i t e

Leicestershire “Selected Artist” see web site

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 14.58.20

A few samples of  Cleeve Press Letterpress printing

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 14.58.20

Explore our Images Gallery of Graphic Work

Image Gallery

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Hand-Crafted Letterpress

Lino cut in three colours on rice paper, mounted on hand folded cards.

These and other handcrafted examples are for sale at

Treadle operated clam shell platen press in working order.  Platen size 15 x 24 cm.

E.A. Braddick Ltd. Printers & Electrical Engineers.Gough Square London

 A   P r i v a t e   P r e s s

e – m a i l :     n i c k g r a p h i c @ y a h o o . c o . u k

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 14.58.20

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