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Photograph copyright of Nicholas J. Birchall © June 2018

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C l e e v e   P r e s s   W e b   S i t e

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I have within memory always drawn, painted, arranged compositions and made objects. The analysis and creation of images is a constant fascination to me, how the stimuli of recognizable elements, colour and light evoke emotions and memories in the viewer.

I grew up in Gloucestershire, which involved lots of Cotswold stone, views of the Severn Valley and dramatic weather.  The Cotswolds is a landscape formed from the sea and folded by the ever-changing planet.

This led me to Gloucester art college in 1969 where I studied foundation art, graphic design and photography. I set movable metal type for college typography projects, this tactile experience stayed with me as a seed of an ambition.

I lived in Norway from 1973 to 1976, a land which was formed by fire and sculptured by ice and experienced a lot of granite, forest, fjords and dramatic weather.  I returned to England and practised as a freelance Graphic Designer. The digital age saw me re-train to teach foundation art and design at Loughborough College of Art & Design 1995-6.

My teaching has been in the areas of Art, Graphic Design and Photography at FE Colleges.

Cleeve Press now teaches letterpress typography and printing to a wide age range of people in small groups at “hands-on” letterpress experience days.

Private tuition is also available on a one to one basis in our studio.

I also have tuition experience in Art, Graphic Design & Photography.

I and my wife both hold valid DBS Enhanced Certificates (disclosure & barring service)

I began saving letterpress type & equipment in 2006 and this has grown into a composing room & printing office with proofing presses, two treadle platen presses & an 1863 Albion. I produce quality printing from my own designs in traditional typographical styles and also teach these skills to others at

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Cleeve Press small

L e t t e r p r e s s    C o m p o s i n g    R o o m   &   P r i n t i n g    O f f i c e

woodletter case

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K e y   s k i l l s   a n d    a b i l i t i e s

Professional design skills in digital publishing & imaging •Advertising and promotional experience
Experience in advertising photography •  Efficiently organises information & arranges events
     Commercial & educational customer care  •  Teaching experience in art & design
Designed effective learning programmes & support material
Experience with sensitive information & working in secure environments
Fluent in the Norwegian language

A c h i e v e m e n t s

     Founded & ran a graphic design business • Member of The Oxford Guild of Printers  Degree in art & design teaching • Commercial Photography Experience/Level 4 Qualification Comprehensive experience to teach art & design • Arranged links between education & creative sector Contributed to the local policing plan • Organised local youth work & a drop-in centre

I n t e r e s t s

I am interested in co-operating with other visual artists……. Lensless photography, pinhole cameras, large format photography. Typography, Letterpress type and Printing. Cartoons, Drawing, Watercolour/Ink Sketches/Illustrations. Cartography, the outdoor world and many more things……..

e – m a i l     n i c k g r a p h i c @ y a h o o . c o . u k

 E x p l o r e   t h e   G r a p h i c   I m a g e   G a l l e r y   L i n k   B e l o w

I m a g e    G a l l e r y

……………………..  §  ……………………


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